The Artful Watercolour Starter Box Kit


Watercolour Painting Set Includes:

  • Set of 24 Artful watercolour half pans. This set comes in a transportable tin. The lid opens out to provide several areas which can be used to mix colours.
  • Exclusive to Artful: Daler Rowney Masking Fluid 29.5ml
  • Artful F Pencil
  • Pipette
  • 5 Artist Brushes
  • Paper Pad
  • Blank Greeting cards

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Get Creative With The Artful Watercolour Starter Box Kit

Are you looking for the perfect starter kit for your watercolour projects? Look no further! The Artful Watercolour Starter Box Kit has everything you need to get creative. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this kit is sure to help jumpstart your creativity and make your ideas come alive. Let’s take a closer look at what the kit includes and why it’s such a great choice for all of your watercolour projects.

Set of 24 Artful Watercolour Half Pans

This set comes in a transportable tin that features several areas which can be used to mix colours. Plus, it’s easy to store and take with you wherever you go. Each half pan contains its own individual colour so that your creations come out looking professional and vibrant every single time.

Exclusive Daler Rowney Masking Fluid 29.5ml

Masking fluid is a great way to preserve certain areas on paper when painting with watercolours, making it easier to create complex designs without having to worry about smudging or blemishes ruining your masterpiece. This masking fluid also dries quickly so that you can keep working on your project without worrying about waiting for it to dry before finishing up!

Artful F Pencil

The Artful F pencil is perfect for sketching out designs before beginning with the paints included in the kit! It allows you to experiment with different ideas without committing right away—so if one doesn’t work out as planned, simply erase and start over again! You’ll have plenty of time to perfect your design before starting on the actual painting process.


The pipette is a great tool for precisely adding colour where needed; just fill it up with whatever colour paint you want and use it like an eyedropper as needed during your paintings. This will help ensure accuracy when creating detailed works of art – especially when mixing colours together in order to create new shades or tones!

5 Artist Brushes

Having the right brushes makes all the difference when painting with watercolours; these artist brushes are soft yet sturdy enough that they won’t shed any bristles while still providing the precision needed for intricate works of art. You’ll be able to easily create thin lines or thicker brushstrokes depending on what type of design you’re going for – plus, they come in varying sizes so there will always be one perfect for whatever project you have in mind!

Paper Pad & Blank Greeting Cards

The paper pad included in this starter box kit allows you plenty of room to practice painting techniques; use it as a canvas for trying new ideas or simply sketching out potential works of art before taking them further by using paints from this set! And don’t forget about the blank greeting cards – these are great for making personalised cards from scratch, complete with hand-painted designs and heartfelt messages inside them which can bring joy into someone’s life!

As you can see, the Artful Watercolour Starter Box Kit has something special for everyone who loves art and painting. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced painter, this starter box has everything necessary to get creative right away – all conveniently stored within one transportable tin! Start exploring today and unlock all sorts of exciting possibilities through this amazing kit – let your imagination run wild while creating beautiful works of art along the way!

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